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Travel Services

All the XERA members have to use the outsourced travel services of XERA. This is to ensure that the students of the members go in a group and all the Post Arrival Services can be provided by XERA in a smooth manner. Once the student has paid the University 1st year package, the XERA member needs to pay the Travel charges online. The member would be able to pay these charges from their panel. At the same time, the original documents of the student must reach the execution team of XERA so that,

On receipt of the payment, XERA would organize for:

  • One way Air Tickets.
  • Entry Visa as a student.
  • 7 Days of Travel Insurance.
  • Academic document Apostil.

It must be noted that Visa issuance is the sole prerogative of the related embassy / consulate and XERA does not guarantee the visa issuance. Further, the documents required for the Visa issuance should be available with XERA well in advance and any delay in this process would lead to problems for student.

  • Apply on Xera Platform
  • Get Admission & Invitation Letter
  • Send original student documents
  • Pay for Travel charges to Xera
  • Get Visa & Tickets
  • Payment by student for 1st year package for university

Occasionally, we have had experience with few members who failed to pay for the travel charges on time. It must be noted that unless the payment towards the outsourced travel services is done, the student would not be able to depart.

TravelBuddy Services

The XERA Members would be able to select the TravelBuddy services. Under this, the student would be provided with the escort services during travel. This is a premium services which has helped the education agents world over to convince the parents to send the students through them. This services are provided only by the bigger players in the industry and agents with limited students cannot afford to load their prices of the escort.

TravelBuddy services would be at an extra cost on per student basis and the XERA member would have to pay in advance to book for the same. The student would go in the group and the entire group would be escorted. Further, in case there is a layover period between connecting flights, the TravelBuddy would ensure the meals at the airport!

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