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Fees Transfer and Forex

University fees transfer & payment

Once the Visa has been issued the student needs to pay the 1st year total package. Again, XERA brings in the complete transparency into the business. The university package is provided on the member’s individual platform. The XERA member or the education agent would request the student to deposit the amount DIRECTLY as per the package agreed upon. As per the Indian FERA rules and regulation, it is important that the amount is transferred directly by the student. Again, no personal contact information would be sought from the student and the transaction is completely online!

Worldwide foreign exchange dealer

XERA has partnered with world’s largest foreign exchange dealer, EBIX to ensure smooth USD transaction. The student would be provided with the online link to pay the money directly to EBIX. It is mandatory for the students to use this FOREX dealer for transfer of 1st year package. No cash would be accepted at any point of time. EBIX shall be providing the swift copy of the transaction to the XERA member directly. No commission would be possible to be paid to the XERA members by EBIX.

In case university does not have dollar account

In case, the university does not allow the transfer of fees directly into their account (which happens in certain cases such as Russia), the amount would be deposited into students account in that country which student can pay directly to the university bank account. XERA supports the students to open the bank account in the destination country, in any case, as a part of its Post Arrival Services.

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