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Post Arrival Services

This is one of the most important services of all from XERA. Once the student arrives at the destination airport, there are many services required by the student so that his enrolment into the university happens smoothly. The student has already paid for these services which are included in the “Others” charges.

XERA provides multiple services as below through its authorized network of local agents in various countries:

  • Airport Pick up at destination by XERA representative.
  • Landing arrangements till hostel including any local tickets (Air / Train / Coach) needed.
  • Hostel accommodation booking for the student
  • Local document translation & Notarization
  • Student registration contract with University
  • 1st Day meals post arrival
  • US Dollar to Local currency conversion support
  • Medical health check & certification at local hospital
  • Health Insurance – 1 Year
  • Resident permit extension – 1 Year
  • Local conveyance needed to conduct the hospital visit for the medical health check

Special terms & conditions

The entire services would be done without a single USD charged to the student. However, in case the student needs any extra services, it would be provided on chargeable basis. For example, in case the student chooses to stay in a private apartment in spite of the hostel room allocated, it would be done on extra charge basis.

Few universities, especially in Ukraine makes it mandatory for the students to take 6 years of health insurance and 6 years of resident permit extension. Generally the charge for this would be USD 500 for every student. This amount would be payable by the student directly to XERA representative supporting the student at the destination in cash.

The hostel room allocation is done by the university administration department and XERA may not be able to support to change the rooms for the student. Though XERA representative would try to help the students by talking to the warden of the hostel, it would not be mandatory for the representative to provide that services.

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