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Truly Global! That is how XERA EdTech certified educational consultant or its members describe us. We bring you one of the largest bouquets of 500+ Universities for hundreds of different programs available globally. XERA EdTech Certified Members serves their students at the click of a button! Quicken your growth. Enhance your profitability.

Can you launch 200+ universities in 17+ countries in 2021? Yes you can with XERA EdTech. With the programs varying such as MBBS in abroad countries, Engineering or Business programs in 17+ different countries.

XERA EdTech is focused on solving problems of Foreign Education Consultants / study abroad consultants. The AI based innovative technology has broken this chain and brings multiple universities offering multiple programs from various countries. Xera EdTech is a technology platform, efficient and transparent, designed exclusively for ‘recruitment agencies for international students’.

Medicine Program

There is a student mobility of more than 50,000 students from one country to another only for Medicine programs across the world.

Engineering Program

The Engineering programs are well developed in Asian countries but less opportunity are available in African countries.

Business Program

Global employment is the key to the Career growth for your students. As more and more companies are growing to be multinational...

Our Mission

XERA EdTech is now being launched in India in 2019 bringing all the experience and the opportunities for the education abroad agents. A group of professional entrepreneurs with large experience in the field of managing education agents and channel partners created the concept of assisting an International student recruitment agency in expanding horizons and earning substantially more!

An International student recruitment consultants platform more often than not, is a mixed bag. Unlike Xera EdTech, such platforms have their own consultancy work. This automatically means competition for the international student recruiter (like you).

Web Services Mumbai, IN

Xera EdTech is envisaged as a pure B2B platform. This means that we focus on the international admissions of your students only. Xera EdTech is not a student recruitment agency. Your clients are Xera’s priority.

Xera EdTech is currently serving 380+ agents worldwide and handles more than 2200 global student applications on behalf of the independent educational consultant. These certified members love the convenience and transparency of XERA EdTech platform since it acts as the best platform as a Connect between Education Agents and the Global Universities.

Become a member and experience the services of Xera EdTech! Become a leader in Student Mobility Business!

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