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Medicine Program

There is a student mobility of more than 50,000 students from one country to another only for Medicine programs across the world. Around 35% of these students are from India. It forms the group of the largest number of students going abroad for higher studies for a particular stream from India! There are estimated 7,000 education agents in India itself trying to send students abroad in various countries for Medicine programs.

Xera Medicine Program

Here is one stop solution for all the education agents sending students for higher studies for different courses. XERA supports applications from its Members situated in various countries such as Dubai, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh. The student applications received from these education agents are for different countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus , Georgia, Serbia, Poland, etc.

Many of the universities represented by XERA and offered to its members are world ranked and run by the local medical government colleges for long time. Few of the private medical universities are also offered to its members. These universities are generally approved by WHO and listed on ECFMG for US medical PG programs. These universities are on the list of approved medical universities in MCI in India, PMC in Pakistan, BDMC in Bangladesh etc.

Major problem faced by the education agents is to find out the reliable partner to place the students in a smooth and reliable manner. Further, globally, the education agents face the problem of transparency and in turn the students face problems. Basically, a professional student services are required Pre and Post admission stages.

XERA technology platform and its assistance from the team solve these problems!

  • Multiple university aggregated on one platform for various courses
  • Launching a new university on the platform almost every week!
  • Proven Global platform for international student mobility
  • Option to become a Silver member free of cost and try the system!
  • Single platform allowing you to apply to various universities
  • Option to become a Platinum member and apply for FREE!
  • On line tracking of the application status for all its members
  • Direct payment of the 1st year package through world renowned FOREX company
  • Outsourced Travel Desk with support team in multiple countries
  • Post arrival services in multiple countries in collaboration with local partners

Whenever you have a student looking for medicine program and a specific university situated in any of the countries, you can simply apply on XERA platform and enjoy the reliability of guaranteed admission system. The platform offers you to directly apply to the universities and ensures complete transparency.


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