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The Engineering programs are well developed in Asian countries but less opportunity are available in African countries. Accordingly, you do not see much of the student mobility from Asian students from countries like India, China, Pakistan etc. looking at Engineering programs at Bachelor level.

However, the situation at the Masters level is different. Most of the students from Asian and African countries looking for better employment opportunities and career options are ready to travel to developed countries. For engineering higher studies, Germany is the top destination among European countries. MS in Germany which is available for good students completely free of cost is one of the most opted programs by the student’s across the world. Similarly, low cost engineering programs in Poland is a very good option since higher employment opportunities are available in Poland.

Apart from European countries, a huge number of students choose Canada and USA for their higher studies. XERA offers more than 100 universities from these countries as well. Various types of programs are available with high level of micro search possibilities. More than 300,000 students move from India and China alone to English speaking countries every year. Around 35% of these students are going there for Engineering programs abroad from these 2 countries alone.

XERA visualizes being a global player with its main sales and supporting offices in India and China to be a formidable player in B2B segment. The technology platform would allow every education agent in these countries to opt for programs such as Mechtronics, Robotics, Cyber security, renewable energy, Automobile engineering and many more apart from conventional engineering programs such as Power engineering, production, Mechanical, Electrical and many more.

Basically, the process involves 3 steps to reach the application stage for any program.

  • Check Eligibility & Search
  • Select University
  • Apply

With this easy to use technology platform, every XERA member is able to serve much larger number of students! And at no charges! On top of it, there are so many universities for which you tend to receive the commission from the Universities. XERA believes in sharing the success and accordingly, shares the commission with all its members.


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