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Global employment is the key to the Career growth for your students. As more and more companies are growing to be multinational, the requirement of the pool of skilled employee base is growing. These companies always prefer to have employees who can understand the vision and the strategies adapted globally. Further, key success point for these students to have an employment opportunity by learning the local language. This becomes extremely important especially for the students looking for European countries.

XERA opens up opportunities for the students looking to pursue Business and Economic programs in European countries as well as English speaking countries such as US and Canada. These programs generally lead to degrees such as PG diploma or MBA at post graduate level and BBA at the bachelor level.

In order to serve all the students with different economic strata, XERA offers English taught programs being offered at very low costs in countries such as Russia and Ukraine , Georgia, Serbia, Poland, and average cost programs from the European countries and finally high cost programs from English speaking countries.

Economic Strata Countries Average Program Costs
Low Cost MBA Russia, Ukraine, Poland USD 10,000
Average Cost MBA Germany, France USD 20,000
High Cost MBA USA, Canada USD 30,000

There are around 100+ options of universities being offered for the students from these countries for Business programs. These universities are chosen by XERA based on their quality of education and opportunity to grow in the career. All these universities admission office can now be connected with you through XERA platform at the click of a button. Do you really go in search of options for your students and reinvent the wheel or simply enhance your sales with sheer focus in this competitive world?

Generally, Business program seekers check the ROI on their investments to study abroad. In fact if you choose low cost and average cost programs, they cost you almost comparable to the cost of the programs available in the developing countries! However, the salary structures and savings apart from employment opportunities in the developed countries is far better. This leads to a huge gap in ROI for the students choosing to study business programs abroad, especially at the PG level!

These programs are not offered to members situated in every country. For example, these options would be launched in India by June, 2020 for various countries. However, the options are available with XERA members situated in other countries and we are always open to launch a specific country in your country when you have applications on hand.

You definitely need a professional and a global company with reliable support systems to back up your commitments. In case, you work with your local vendors to place the students, there are always issues of post arrival services or transparency in sharing the revenues.


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