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XERA CRM module helps the education agents globally by collecting, storing and managing the leads of the potential students in highly secured environment.

Easy follow up with Potential student leads!

We understand the high competition faced by you for student recruitment for study abroad. It is time that you digitize the entire process of marketing, lead generation and management of the expensive leads. In order to justify your investment on the lead generation, you should give your counselors XERA CRM module to ensure secured and reliable follow up with the students.

Prioritize your leads for different programs!

You have hundreds of leads to be managed and don’t keep track of the most important ones. You are currently working on excel sheets which can be easily sold to your competitors by the unreliable staff! Your students are asking for different programs to study abroad such as MBBS, Engineering or Business. XERA CRM would help you to prioritize the leads for every program for better conversion!

Allocate leads automatically!

You have multiple counselors and do not wish to allocate all the leads to everyone. The education agent would be in a position to allocate the leads as per his wishes to individual counselors. Each of the counselors would be able to manage only their own leads. Every lead is secured, 100%.

XERA Lead Analytics!

The lead management system would be tracking the progress of lead generation on daily basis. It also stores the history of leads generated from different sources such as website, Google search campaigns, Social media promotions etc. You can also upload large Excel files directly into the system. The lead analytics would give you exact analysis of the leads generation as well as historical guidance.

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